PageImage Guide - Hydration Guide

It is common to see athletes from different types of sports drinking a gallon of water before and after a race. As summer approaches and the temperature gets warmer, the temptation to do this gets stronger than ever.

What most people, even athletes, do not know is that there is a proper way to get you hydrated.

Dehydration is dangerous but overhydration can be equally dangerous too. Have you ever heard about the word hyponatremia? Hyponatremia results when there is dilution happening in your blood sodium. This causes your cells to swell because water levels are rising.

Dehydration is also unsafe. Dehydration is a result of taking in less fluid than what you are losing because of vigorous physical activities like exercise and workouts, especially when the weather is humid.

So, what do you need to do in order to be properly hydrated? MUDSA gives you tips to hydrate properly, read on below.

Take in electrolytes

Maintaining water balance is the key and electrolytes can help you do just that. You can try eating bananas, spinach, and drink coconut water and tomato juice to help the muscles relax and contract and also assist and help the nerves in impulse transmissions.

Check urine color

There is another way to be able to know that you are hydrated in a proper way and that is to track your urine color. It should be like lemonade with a pale-yellow color.

As an off-road and mountain biking athlete, proper hydration is required to perform better.